Partner with one recruiter instead of managing competing agencies. Let PickettSearch handle the process so that you don’t have to spend countless hours reading through resumes and coordinating search efforts.


Exclusive search allows PickettSearch to conduct comprehensive research in order to uncover the BEST qualified candidates, not just the most accessible.

Cost effective.

PickettSearch provides advantages of an in-house recruiter at a fraction of the cost. Our fee structure is incredibly cost-effective. By charging an hourly fee for just the hours worked, the average PickettSearch fee is less than 10% of the position’s salary. In comparison, a typical search firm or staffing agency charges a fee of 20-30%.


PickettSearch can manage the entire recruiting process or just portions of the search, depending on the client’s needs.


PickettSearch handles different types of searches everyday – many of which are highly specialized. Click here for examples.


PickettSearch’s goal is to find the best-suited candidate for the client’s open position, which means the right skill set AND the right cultural fit. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with candidates who are nothing short of right for the job.