What Is Pickett Search

What is Pickett SearchPickettSearch is a unique recruiting firm that strives to understand our clients’ needs and corporate cultures. Our customized searches are designed to pursue both active and passive candidates in order to reach all the best talent for your open position.  We can manage the entire recruiting process or assist with portions of your search.

In order to conduct a thorough search, candidate sourcing methods include:

Creating the Job Description

Documenting your expectations is a critical step in the process. With your input we will develop a written description of the position, its qualifications and ensure clarification of the job’s responsibilities and requirements.

Search Strategy

We will develop a plan to leave no stone unturned. We use tactics such as:

  • Sourcing passive candidates by cold-calling targeted groups
  • Searching an extensive database of up-to-date contacts
  • Placing job postings as appropriate

Qualifying Candidates

We will develop interview questions specific to each search and thoroughly screen every candidate to explore their career and experience beyond the resume.

Candidate Presentation

In addition to candidate resumes, we will provide you with written summaries for each candidate. This will include information collected during the candidate interviews to give you a broader look at the candidates experience and personal history as well as salary history and expectations.


Candidate references are an important part of the hiring process. We will conduct in-depth discussions with former managers, peers, and subordinates to get a 360 degree view of the candidate.


Depending on your needs, we can recommend skills and psychological/personality assessments for candidates. These tests can be accessed online, making it convenient for the candidate and for you.